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Sample questions your clients can ask our helpline lawyers:

“I hired a contractor to renovate my kitchen, but the work is substandard. How can I rectify this?”

“My neighbour built a fence on my property and refuses to move it. What should I do?”

“I received a demand letter from a client who slipped and fell on my property. What are my next steps?”

“I bought a new phone, but it was chipped when I received it in the mail. The phone company won’t replace it because I had paid for it to be shipped to me. What can I do?”

“I would like to create a will. How do I do this, and what are the legal requirements of a will?”

“I want to let go of an employee but make sure I do it in a way that complies with the law. What are the steps?”

“The landscaper I hired went over budget and the work was not what we agreed on. How can I rectify this?”

“I am being audited by the Canada Revenue Agency. What steps should I take to ensure it goes smoothly?”


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