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Your customers want it!

Policyholders with our other insurer and brokerage business partners:

  • Have experienced the positive financial and mental health benefits we provide in helping them mitigate their legal risks.
  • That’s why we grow the total Legal Expense Insurance market every year!

Your competitors are offering it!

Embedding our insured events will provide a means to:

  • Close a competitive advantage gap relative to other insurers that are addressing their customers’ common legal risks.
  • Unlimited and non-insurance legal assistance and support services that will help retain your customers.

You can protect your time!

Let us do the heavy lifting by providing:

  • Comprehensive training and support to your staff and brokerage partners.
  • Full implementation and ongoing marketing support.
  • An in-house and responsive Claims Team.
  • Program performance reporting and continuous support from your Corporate Partnerships Team.

Be confident!

We are experts in Legal Expense Insurance because that’s all we do! Plus, we have:

  • A+ rated paper, underwritten by HDI Global Specialty SE. Hannover Re and HDI Global are owned by the Talanx Group.
  • A strong commitment to safeguarding your customers’ personal information and privacy.