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Corporate culture at ARAG


We are proud to be a company that puts their employees first.

We believe in a flexible work environment, offering full benefits, and competitive pay. ARAG Legal Solutions offers a dynamic work environment with a focus on providing innovative Legal Expense Insurance solutions.


Join our team!

As a market leader in Legal Expense Insurance with a national presence, ARAG Legal Solutions is always looking for new talent to join our growing company.

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See what our employees have to say about us:

ARAG has one of the best on-boarding processes I have ever experienced. I had the opportunity to meet every head of department, who explained what it is they do, and their departments role within the organization. This was helpful in getting the bigger picture of how ARAG works.

I was given training on my own role within the company and had plenty of time to adapt and take on new tasks. For example, once I had got the hang of one aspect of my job, such as reporting, I was then introduced to another task. This made it a very manageable experience, as sometimes being new can be overwhelming, but I didn't feel that here.

ARAG has an amazing work culture - they promote work life balance, you feel trusted as an employee and know you can ask for help when you need it. All the employees I have met have been extremely welcoming and friendly, there really is a family atmosphere here.


Available positions

Account Coordinator, Corporate Partners

Account Manager, Corporate Partnerships

Business Development Coordinator - Vancouver

Business Development Specialist - Quebec