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Landlords face many common legal issues on a daily basis - with Legal Expense Insurance, you have the added benefit of being able to pursue your legal rights when facing a covered legal issue with a tenant.


Legal Defence

  • Tony, a residential landlord, had a new tenant who frequently had friends over for parties while playing loud music into the early morning. Tony, tired of the continued noise complaints, visited the tenant to tell them to turn the music down. The tenant was not very cooperative and the visit quickly escalated into a heated, verbal argument. The next day, the tenant complained to police he was assaulted by Tony and the police showed up at Tony’s front door to press charges.
  • Tony immediately called the Legal Helpline and a lawyer advised him of his rights during this distressing situation. Since it was a covered insured event, his issue was forwarded to the Claims Team and a criminal defence lawyer was assigned to represent Tony.
  • The appointed lawyer represented Tony throughout the criminal proceedings, and eventually Tony was acquitted of the charge. Tony was relieved as he had no criminal record before this unfortunate series of events, and he saved $8,000 in legal fees.

Residential Tenancy Disputes

  • Samantha had a tenant who owed just over $2000 in back-rent. Being sympathetic to her tenant’s explanation as to why she was behind, Samantha and the tenant had signed an agreement for the back-rent owed stating it could be paid off over time. Unfortunately, the tenant then failed to adhere to the payment plan.
  • Samantha called the Legal Helpline and her issue was forwarded to the Claims Team. A lawyer was then assigned, who in turn initiated proceedings at the Landlord Tenant Board.
  • Samantha was successful at the tribunal and was able to recover the rent owed to her. Moreover, because of her Landlord Legal Solutions policy, she saved over $3,000 in legal fees.