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The value of Legal Expense Insurance

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Feel empowered to exercise your legal rights

The cost and complexity of the Canadian legal system cause many individuals and business owners to walk away from legal issues. At ARAG, we want Canadians to feel empowered to defend or pursue their legal rights. That’s why we’ve designed a variety of products that offer financial protection and access to legal resources when Canadians face a legal dispute.

Protect your budget and get legal assistance when you need it

ARAG policies cover legal expenses including disbursements, court costs, witness fees, and adverse costs if a judge were to order payment of the other party’s legal fees. In addition, an ARAG Legal Expense Insurance policy provides unlimited access to general legal assistance and information for any legal question - even if the issue is not covered by the policy.

Legal Assistance
We’re proud to provide Canadians with the confidence and the power to take action by removing financial barriers to justice with an ARAG policy.
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Are you an Individual interested in learning about how Legal Expense Insurance can protect your business? Visit our For Customers page or connect with a broker in your area.

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