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The ARAG Canada Story


ARAG Legal Solutions was incorporated in 2015 and officially launched in 2016 as an insurance intermediary and part of ARAG Group, a global leader in legal expenses insurance.

We provide an innovative and comprehensive range of Legal Expense Insurance products and services for businesses, families, drivers and landlords.


A strong global presence

For more than 80 years the ARAG Group has been offering legal protection insurance solutions and for more than 50 years the company has successfully been operating on an international scale.

Today, ARAG Group operates in 19 countries, including Canada and the United States, and holds a leading position in many international legal insurance markets.

With more than 4,400 employees, the Group reported a total revenue and premium income of 1.9 billion Euro in 2020.



The ARAG Group was founded by Heinrich Faßbender in 1935 and has remained in family hands ever since.

His business idea – that all citizens should be able to assert their rights, regardless of their financial standing – is as relevant as ever today. We remain committed to ensuring equal opportunities for everyone. After more than 80 years of business success, the ARAG Group embodies the following values today: independence, internationality, quality and experience.


Our customers can concentrate on their opportunities, because we attend to their risks.

We support our customers in every phase of life in their efforts to achieve freedom of action and we accompany them at significant turning points in their lives.