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The Legal Helpline


All of our policyholders have unlimited access to the Legal Helpline.

woman in yellow with headset
  • Staffed by Legal Helpline Lawyers, the service is available 24/7.
  • The Legal Helpline is here to help answer your legal questions and provide general legal information and direction as to what may happen next when you face a potential legal issue.
  • You can call for general legal information on any matter, even if it’s not covered by the policy, such as questions regarding family or real-estate law.
  • There is no limit to the duration or number of calls you can make.

If you have a legal question or believe you may become involved in a legal dispute, call the Legal Helpline right away:

Have your Legal Helpline number and Policy Number ready

  • Your Legal Helpline telephone number and Policy Number can be found on your ARAG Policy Certificate or within your ARAG Policy Wording booklet.
  • If you cannot find either, then please call our Head Office at 1-888-582-5586 and press 1 to connect to the Legal Helpline
Call and talk to an experienced lawyer right away

  • Our Legal Helpline lawyers are knowledgeable and courteous
  • They will listen to and ask questions to better understand your issue and then provide you with general legal information and potential next steps, even if your issue is not covered by your policy
  • However, providing general legal information means they will not review contracts/documents or determine if your legal issue is claimable under your policy
  • If your issue appears to be covered by your policy, the Legal Helpline Lawyer will then pass along your information to our Claims Department

“I bought a new phone, but it was chipped when I received it in the mail. The phone company won’t replace it because I had paid for it to be shipped to me. What can I do in this case?”

“A recently fired employee is now threatening to take my business to the Human Rights Tribunal for wrongful dismissal. What are my legal options?”

“I hired a contractor to build an addition to my home, but the work is substandard. How can I rectify this?”

“My business is being audited by the Canada Revenue Agency. What steps should I take to ensure it goes smoothly?”