Our available coverages:

The day to day operations of a business exposes small business owners to time consuming legal risks. Legal Expense Insurance provides a wide range of protection and ensures their legal risks are well managed.

Employment Disputes

Disputes commenced by employees, prospective employees, or ex-employees

Property Protection

Disputes relating to legal nuisances or trespasses or if an event causes physical damage to business property

Legal Defence

Providing legal assistance in a criminal prosecution or defending against an occupational health & safety investigation

Statutory License Protection

Legal assistance to defend against the revocation, suspension, or non-renewal of an operating or business license

Bodily Injury

Pursuing a claim on behalf of one of your employees who suffers a work-related injury while they are working away from your premises

Tax Protection

Responding to a tax audit or appealing a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) decision

Contract Disputes and Debt Recovery

Disputes relating to selling or buying goods, or to providing or obtaining services, or if faced with a dispute with a client or supplier in regard to a failure to pay an amount owed.


Legal Assistance

Every policy includes unlimited access to a Legal Helpline that is available 24/7. Legal Helpline Lawyers provide confidential general legal information as assistance for any legal question, even if the issue is not covered by the policy.

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We will further assist in ensuring your member’s legal risks are well managed by also including unlimited access to:

Legal Document Review | Simple Legal Letter Drafting | Legal Document Centre