Legal is not a bad word. For many of us when we think of legal, we think of negative things. And more importantly, we think of bad things happening directly to us. There is a legal component to every aspect of our lives, our businesses, and will be a necessary part of our futures in one way or another. It’s quite common.

As an adjective, the word legal describes something, because that’s what an adjective does. But legal can be used to describe a wide variety of situations and instances and when we think of the word legal, we think it can also describe opportunities.

Put legal together with insurance, perhaps another less than appealing word, and now we’re starting to define a tangible value that now has a much broader ability to positively impact almost every aspect of our lives.

Insurance is a product. It’s a compliance check. It is the ultimate ‘what if’ but it doesn’t have to be something we hope we never have to use; it can be something designed to be used when and as needed. Because when insurance and legal come together, don’t see a product, see a solution, see opportunities.

There are daily instances where our lives and legal intersect. In fact, we believe that legal is a common denominator throughout, whether we are looking for it or not. There are times during our everyday lives that the decisions we made and the outcomes they produced could’ve been managed much more deliberately and in our best interests if we had legal expertise on our side.

That’s where legal expense insurance (LEI) can help. What is so special about LEI? Well, it checks a box so at a minimum it provides protection against any future legal expenses. Additionally, and possibly more importantly, it provides businesses and individuals with solutions and opportunities throughout the lifecycle of the businesses they operate.

A LEI solution helps Canadian business owners manage when they find themselves wearing too many hats. LEI is designed to help Canadians that require legal advice but don’t know where to turn when they unexpectedly find themselves needing help. A LEI solution helps professionals protect what they have built – their practices, their reputations, and their livelihoods. These solutions also help plans, programs and associations provide a differentiator and incremental value to their membership.

Over the next few months, we're going to be writing about the lifecycle of legal. Showcasing how legal is a common denominator and touches us daily, regardless of who we are or what we do. Sure, legal has a bit of a bad rap, but in the right circumstances it can help us navigate and protect us from some of life’s challenges.

If you’re faced with legal expenses, a LEI policy ensures those expenses are covered. But not only that, it provides access to resources and legal expertise. Our Document Centre provides a wealth of helpful documentation that business owners and professionals can use to become more informed, aware, and more self-sufficient. Because legal happens and if it hasn’t happened to you yet, it will. And when it does, we can help you manage it.