The last 12 months have been a wake-up call for every business in Canada. And no business has been more affected during the pandemic than the thousands of small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) across the country.

Even before COVID, leadership in these businesses became accustomed to wearing many “hats” in driving decision making across different functions of the organization – human resources, finance, sales – just to name a few. Add increased uncertainty surrounding employment issues, ecommerce rules, and tax implications, leadership within these businesses are stretched even thinner. Common across all these roles and virtually every aspect of running a business are the legal implications.

As we’ve written before there are daily instances where life and business intersect and legal is the common denominator. Especially in today’s environment, Canadian business leaders and owners need as much help as they can get to improve their management of the day-to-day.

Legal expense insurance solutions have been designed to recognize that legal should be accessible, cost effective and should complement the daily realities of what they need to manage. Regardless of which hat they’re wearing that day.

At the forefront, legal expense insurance helps SMBs who may find it too costly to seek legal advice when a dispute arises. SMBs usually have limited resources to seek professional legal help across many aspects of their business which can make them vulnerable to disputes. The high cost of legal disputes becomes a barrier for SMBs to assert their rights. Legal expense insurance is an affordable solution for businesses to ensure they can pursue or defend themselves when necessary.

Moreover, a legal expense insurance solution helps close the gap for SMBs who do not have dedicated functional leads and where the principle(s) wear many hats. Small businesses are more at risk to employment disputes or compliance and regulation issues as they are less likely to have a dedicated HR department or an expert lawyer to call upon. ARAG’s legal expense insurance solution offers a quick first point of contact with a lawyer for assistance through our legal information helpline, which is available even before a formal claim is submitted.

In addition, an ARAG legal expense insurance solution includes access to a robust online Document Centre, which contains helpful, customizable documents that business owners can use to become more informed, aware, and more self-sufficient. Because legal happens, and if it hasn’t happened to a business yet, chances are it will. And when it does, ARAG has designed a solution to help manage it.

Whether a transportation company in British Columbia, an engineering firm in Nova Scotia or a manufacturer in Quebec, legal happens. An ARAG solution not only protects from the high costs of litigation, but it also provides resources that are invaluable for those running businesses across Canada.

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