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Available Coverage

Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, residential landlords sometimes have to deal with bad tenants. Legal Expense Insurance provides a wide range of protection and ensures their legal risks are well managed.

Legal Defence

Defend against a criminal charge as a result of renting residential accommodations to a tenant

Enforcement of Orders

ARAG will enforce an order that grants vacant possession of rented premises if we assisted in obtaining it

Residential Tenancy Disputes

Pursue an application before a residential tenancy tribunal to obtain an order in relation to non-payment of rent, abandonment of the premises, notice of tenancy termination, noncompliance with a court order or settlement, a tenant’s employment as a superintendent, damages, illegal activities, disturbing the peace, or overcrowding


Legal Assistance

Every policy includes unlimited 24/7 Legal Helpline access.

Helpline Lawyers provide general legal information and assistance for any legal question, even if the issue is not covered by the policy.

To further assist with handling a legal issue, the policy also includes:

Unlimited Legal Document Centre access | Legal Document Review service | Simple Legal Letter Drafting service