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Available Coverage

Unforeseen legal life events can have a significant impact on a family’s time and budget. A Personal Legal Solutions policy provides a wide range of protection and greater confidence their legal risks are well managed.

Employment Disputes

Pursuing legal action relating to a contract of employment or a breach of employment or human rights legislation.

Property Protection

Pursuing legal action relating to a trespass, legal nuisance or if a third party causes physical damage to personal property.

Legal Defence

Defending against a criminal investigation or prosecution arising from an insured’s work as an employee, or prosecution for a highway traffic or motor vehicle offence.

Driver’s Licence Protection

Defending against the revocation or suspension of an insured’s motor vehicle driver’s licence.

Bodily Injury

Pursuing legal action due to an accident that causes death, illness, or a serious injury.

Tax Protection

Responding to a tax audit or appealing a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) decision.

Contract Disputes

Pursuing or defending legal action relating to the selling or buying of goods or obtaining services. Plus, coverage for disputes with a leasing company for the amount due if a leased motor vehicle is declared a total loss by the auto insurer.

Tenancy Disputes

Pursuing or defending a dispute relating to a residential tenancy agreement the insured entered into to rent their principal residence.


Legal Assistance

Every policy includes unlimited 24/7 Legal Helpline access.

Helpline Lawyers provide general legal information and assistance for any legal question, even if the issue is not covered by the policy.

To further assist with handling a legal issue, the policy also includes:

Unlimited Legal Document Centre access | Legal Document Review service | Simple Legal Letter Drafting services

Additional services offered within the policy include:

Unlimited Identity Theft Protection Assistance | Unlimited Emotional Support Assistance