Our available coverages:

Whether related to offences on the road, the purchase or sale of a vehicle, an employee’s driver’s license or statutory license, legal issues can have a significant impact on a business’s operations.

This can be stressful, disruptive, and expensive.

Legal Defence

Defend legal rights relating to a driver’s prosecution for an offence under the Highway Traffic Act, while driving an insured commercial vehicle

Legal Defence (Optional U.S. & Mexico Coverage)

Reimbursement up to a maximum of USD $10,000 for any one claim, in relation to legal costs to defend against an offence in connection with the ownership, use or operation of an insured vehicle in the U.S. or Mexico

Driver’s License Protection

If the insured or one of the insured’s employees faces a suspension or revocation of his/her commercial driver’s license

Statutory License Protection

Legal assistance to defend against the revocation, suspension, or non-renewal of an operating or business license.

Contract Disputes

Disputes relating to an agreement for the purchase, sale, rental, upkeep, or testing of an insured commercial vehicle


Legal Assistance

Every policy includes unlimited access to a Legal Helpline that is available 24/7. Legal Helpline Lawyers provide confidential general legal information as assistance for any legal question, even if the issue is not covered by the policy.

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We will further assist in ensuring your customer’s legal risks are well managed by also including unlimited access to:

Legal Document Review | Simple Legal Letter Drafting | Legal Document Centre